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Suver Haze is a premium hemp flower provided by OTTO. Suver Haze hemp flower contains 18.95% CBD

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Suver Haze hemp perfectly balanced with the ideal dosage of calming comfort and sympathetic relaxation. This hemp strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid with an earthy flavor with signs of orange to create a delightful balanced overall adventure. It will take you back to your younger days of relaxing on a summer evening as the sunshine falls on your shoulders. If you are looking for a laid back experience, Suver Haze is the one for you.

Suver Haze Strain

It’s a cross between Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry (ERB). Suver #8 is a very unique strain that is said to have been bred by crossing Krishna’s Special Sauce with Neville’s Haze. Growers in Oregon took a Neville’s Haze male, and a Special Sauce female and picked a single phenotype that presented the most seductive highlights in a strain, such as High CBD and mold assurance).

Early Resin Berry, on the other hand, has more of a skunk aroma. This pungent flower is also known for creating a lulling calm. The powerful funk of Early Resin Berry, which stinks of earth, berries, and fresh cheese, is evident in the strain.

The Terpene Profile

Suver Haze is rather robust, below you will find the most prominent terpenes.

It has a powerful aroma containing flavorful notes of black pepper and sweet fruits. This flavor is earthy with a hint of orangish taste to balance out the overall laid back experience. Its powerful lifting effects will help you relax and stay calm for hours.

Inhaling CBD flower hemp is the quickest way to feel its benefits. Typically, consumers can start to feel the effects of this strain within 5 minutes of inhalation. Suver is known for providing very potent calming effects, as well as mood alerting properties. Remember, CBD flower cannot get you high.

18.95% CBD
Ingredients: 100% Industrial Hemp Flower

USDA Certified Organic. No Pesticides. No Additives. No Synthetics.

Dry Herb Sativa Suver Haze CBD 3.5g Jar, Sweet and Fruity

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 1 in

1 oz ( 28.0 g ), 1/2 oz ( 14.0 g ), 1/4 oz ( 7.0 g ), 1/8 oz ( 3.5 g )


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